Wednesday, August 13, 2008

S&S Exam Tonigth

I have the Safety and Sanitation exam tonight. I found out that the free dinner I mentioned in an earlier post applies to all exams EXCEPT this one. Of course, I find all of this out after I memorize my notes completely. Oh well, it's good stuff to know (but boring as all get out). After the exam we will begin on knife skills. I'm hoping to prove myself advanced enough to the chef that he will let me start helping out with banquets, wedding receptions, etc. that are held at the school banquet hall. If all goes well tonight I'll be in there for the banquet this Saturday.


t said...


What does Tonigth mean? Just because you have a big fancy blog does not mean that you can spell correctly.

redredsteve said...

Your mom can't spell correctly. Go back to researching husbandry and stop editing my blog. :P