Thursday, August 14, 2008

Almost perfect / Depends

I really shouldn't complain about getting 108% out of 100%, but since there were 10 points of extra credit that means I fell 2% short of a perfect score. It turns out I sort of misunderstood the question. It just bugs me that I knew all the right information I just wasn't able to give him the exact answer he was looking for. Oh well, I'm over it.

Last night was fun. There is a group of old people that go to the banquet hall every other Wed night to have dinner and then play bridge. One of the senior students kind fo runs the show in the kitchen by himself. I don't know if he was behind or if it was just simply too much for him to do alone, whatever the reason the chef declared "crash course!" and we all went back to plate salads, chicken, etc. It was just a miniscule taste of an actual service although it was pretty easy and no stress, I'm sure a real dinner service would be a thousand times as intense, stressful, etc.). After we got all of the food out we went back into the classroom and took our test. The banquet room and classroom are separated by a curtain so in the middle of me answering "What are the six types of contamination?" I heard the, I presume, leader of the elderly group get up and crack some jokes in a psuedo-speech. They went something like this: "don't criticize someone until you've walked a mile in their shoes, that way you have their shoes and you're a mile away when they react," and "never test the depth of water with both feet." You get the idea. The other, much funnier situation I was not fortuntate enough to experience first hand. We were cleaning and eating in the kitchen while the chef was in the front grading out exams. Apparently a very elderly, decrepit woman was leaving the banquet hall and passed by him. About 10 feet from the exit, so he says, she dropped a "shook my wine glass" sized dump right in her depends. Oh man, hehehe... good times.

I almost fogot the other good thing about last night - the chef said that because of my good test score and how I helped with the dinner that he'll give me the green light to volunteer for banquets and receptions at the school. There is one Saturday so I'm looking forward to getting in there and actually being part of a real service.

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t said...

How big is a "shook my wine glass" sized dump? I am thinking it is pretty small, but that is just me...