Thursday, August 28, 2008


Next week I have two practical exams. My Foundations practical will be Wednesday and I'll be required to butcher or filet a chicken and/or whole tilapia. Then, as a class, we will prep a chicken stock and fumet (fish stock) with the left over carcasses. After the stocks are going we will split back up again and individually prepare a dish, chosen at random, for the chef that will feature a chicken breast or a filet of tilapia and one of the sauces we've covered, most likely a veloute or beure blanc. The only part I'm a little sketchy on is fileting the fish. Last night we went over fileting fish and making fumet. We watched the chef filet one whole tilapia and then we each got one fish to practice on - and next class will be the practical exam (no class Monday due to the holiday). It would just be nice to be able to practice a little more before being tested on it. I think I'm going to grab a few tilapia over the weekend to practice. Last night I did... okay. I fileted one side pretty well and was happy with the result but then I flipped the fish over and made a complete mess of the other side. I accidentally cut right through the vertibrae instead of edgeing along it and it was pretty much irrepairable. I should have time to practice a few this weekend, though and then I'll use the carcasses to make my own fumet. At least the wife and I should be eating well.

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