Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Tonight we transferred the chicken stock from the pot that the morning class started and then got to work starting our own stocks, chicken and vegetable. While the stocks got going we made chicken roulade and veloute sauce. It was my first time making a roulade and the chef said mine was perfect, which meant a lot to me. It's my highest priority right now to please the chefs at Paragon and live up to their standards. We made enough for the baking class to have some also and in return they shared their nights work with us. I have no idea what it was or how to pronounce/spell the name but it was delicious. One of the guys in that class is a total prick, though and I watched him lie straight to the chef's face twice tonight. It really bothers me but its not my place to say or do anything unless it could really hurt someone or something like that. I just know that I don't trust the guy any farther than I can throw him and if his behaviour affects me directly I won't mind calling him out (he's scrawny anyway and I could totally take him). I couldn't care less about what he thinks of me.

It was a fun night and tomorrow we are practicing fresh pastas some more as well as making pizza. I guess we'll have a couple of practical tests coming up here in the next week or two so I hope I get a lot of hands on time at school and some time to practice at home as well. I don't want to just pass anything, I want to totally ace all tests and really impress the chefs.

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