Monday, August 18, 2008


Tonight we butchered chickens. I know it's a fairly simple process for experienced cooks but to truly get a good yield and have neatly trimmed pieces takes a bit of practice. Hopefully I'll have some time this week to buy a few chickens and work on it. Then I'll use the carcasses and wings for stock and the breasts and hind quarters for something yummy. But again, that will take time, which is not something I've had an excess of lately. We'll see. I'll be gone this coming weekend on a retreat so I'll need to find time during the week. I'm guessing we'll have a practical test on butchery next week or the week after so I want to be sure I am solid. I want that freaking free dinner at the Bear!!

I'll still need a chest freezer to store all this stuff in too, which reminds me - I also need to go pick up a knife sharpening kit, a couple of instant-ready thermometers, a pair of kitchen sheers, a peeler (apparently they keep disappearing from the school's supply), and some other odds and ends. Oooooh, and a 6" boning knife...

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