Monday, September 15, 2008

Movie marathon

I cooked a bunch of stuff Friday night and played poker on Saturday (ended up down $23 at the end of the night), but the rest of my weekend was spent on the couch watching movies. I haven't been that lazy in a long time. Usually I'll at least go for a hike or do some cooking; not this time. I feel really well rested, at least. I watched: Clear and Present Danger, Anchorman, Heat, Matrix Reloaded, Big Night, and some others I can't remember - the weekend was pretty much a cinematic blur.

On Friday I made risotto Milanese (w/ saffron), chicken glace, and sauteed chicken breasts with beure blanc. I have pictures but I'll have to post them tonight. We continue our study of sauces tonight in Foundations and tomorrow we continue through our Study of France in World Cuisine. I really hope we dig deep tomorrow night because, after one week of studying France, I don't feel like I've learned much of anything about the country.

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