Thursday, September 11, 2008

Leading Sauces / Basics of Taste

This was the header from last nights class. My hand is still cramped from trying to keep up my notes with the chef, and I still didn't get it all down. Hopefully he'll be willing and able to e-mail a copy of the notes so I can fill in my gaps. I'm sure we'll have a test next week on what we're discussing now so I want to be sure to really absorb everything, plus it's pretty interseting stuff.

I was a bit early to class and the chef walked in while I was talking with another student. I was telling him what an awesome read The Physiology of Taste is. On the first page of the first chapter Brillat-Savarin discusses the senses. He names the traditional 5 senses we all know and then he defends his idea of the 6th sense: phsyical/sexual desire. His defense runs along the lines of purpose. The function of all the senses is to allow us to interact with the physical world as well as to gratify us. Physical and sexual desire does this a way unique from the other 5 senses but is still very powerful and so should be put into it's own category, according to him.

Anyway, my brain is tired so that's all I've got for now. We've been crazy busy at work and I just smashed all my old records for number of loans and dollar amount funded in one day. Time to recoup a bit for the next hour and a half before heading back to school.

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Hey! Don't forget to tell us how you did on your practicals last week!