Saturday, September 6, 2008

Lovin the weekend

My birthday dinner at Jack Quinn's (a local Irish pub) last night was great. I had the "surf n' turf" with top sirloin and grilled salmon. The steak was very good but I think next time I will just order the salmon entree. It was delicious. Not exactly a good pairing with Guinness but I just can't help myself. At any rate, the wife and I had a great time downtown with a great meal. I'm going to sell a few things and save up some cash so that we can go eat at The Penrose Room. It was the first 5 star restaurant in Colorado and it looks absolutely spectacular. I want to eat there just for the experience. The chef's menu with wine pairings is $149 per person so it will run us close to 4 bills altogether.

That's later though. Today, I reduced my stock, which I will do something with tomorrow. I also made pizza for dinner, with a few friends over, and I made a marinara for my wife. She wants something to throw on some frozen ravioli she bought for lunches this next week. I told her I'll make raviolis but I just haven't gotten around to it yet. Here are some pictures:

Pizza dough

Dough, after rising

Sauteed chicken tenders. I used these as a topping on one of the pizzas I made: parmesan, garlic cream sauce pizza topped with caramelized onions, diced chicken tenders, and fresh tomatoes. Delicious.

Mise en place for the marinara

The meez cooking

I neglected to take pictures of the finished pizzas but I'll get some pictures of the finished marinara tomorrow, along with whatever else I cook. It will probably involve some sort of chicken dish and a low country fish stew with the tilapia I fileted last week. I gotta get that stuff cooked and outta my fridge by tomorrow.

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