Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Back from Tulsa

I got back late last night from my trip to the OK State Fair in Tulsa, which hosted the national Sugar Arts Show and competition. Chef Heidi, who teaches pastry and baking at Paragon, competed, as well as a student. Although the trip was more about drinking and partying, I did see some cool stuff at the fair. I will try to get the pictures up soon, particularly of Chef Heidi's cake, it rocked.

There are many colorful and interesting stories I could tell from the overly eventful weekend, but for now you get just one: the cyborg. Yes, we did indeed encounter a cyborg at the Select Hotel in Tulsa, OK. I'm not sure how he infiltrated our group but apparently it had to do with another student speaking to him in German, which caused the machine-man to develop an afiinity for our entourage. As you know, cyborgs are multi-lingual. He was proud to share with our group that he had duped an unknowning human, who was also staying at the all too elegant Select Hotel, into an arm wrestling match, scheduled for precisely 12:30am that evening. The silly homo sapien had pushed a wager and would be into the cyborg for half a million dollars, should he lose. The cyborg told us of his plans for future upgrades in biofuel and hydraulic technology, to be installed by scientists in Japan in February of 2009 in return for 12.8 million dollars, but he was certain that his current system would be able to handle the engagement without fail.

After paying $20 for two cigarettes (apparently his lung system was equipped to filter nicotene), he noticed the arm of another member of my group, bearing a birthmark on the inside forearm, starkingly alike in shape, color, and location to a mark on his own arm (of course this was not a birthmark but most likely a scar from a prior battle or a manufacture flaw, of some sort). He immediately recognized the significance of this similarity: the cyborg was indeed an android replication of the student, sent from the future.

I swear that this was a real person, who really said all of these things and much, much more. I wish I was making it up...

Things I learned and/or realized from this trip:
I need sleep
Battered and fried Winsconsin cheese curds are insanely good
The spider-lady is a bitter person/arachnid
Cochin chickens have silly looking afros
Jesse breaths like he has a turbine engine in his chest when he sleeps, but doesn't snore
Non-stop episodes of The Sopranos in the back of an Escalade is the ONLY way to ride to Tulsa


The Real Deal said...

Dude....you HAVE to try the cheese curds (yes, Wisconsin) at KFC/A&W. They are freaking awesome!

Oh...and glad you're back alive and stuff...

t said...

Hey, I was at Taps with my lovely Girlfriend this evening and I ran into a most unexpected patron of the bar. I saw Deon, your old drummer, there. I told him about the blog and he will most likely look it up and check out what you are doing. Just a heads up.