Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Spring Rolls

I got bored last night (no school, no work, and no wife at home) so I grabbed a few things at the store and rolled up some spring rolls while drinking beer and listening to music.

The beer I drank.

The music I listened to.

The finished product.
The pictures are of the cold spring rolls but I actually like them better after frying them in a bit of canola oil. Inside there is Napa cabbage, carrot, celery leaf, mango, and crab meat. I need to tweak the sauce a bit though, it was too acidic.


Wendy said...

Yeah, those really do not look appealing that way since they kind of look like stuffed condoms...

jeri said...

Hahaha, Wendy!

I love that you were listening to the Pogues. One time we had an Irish guessing game on St. Patrick's day at a party, and one guy was The Pogues and had to ask questions to figure out who he was. He got so desperate he had to start asking "Do I start with a P?" and etc.

When he finally got the whole word spelled out, he was like (sounded out for your benefit), "Who the hell are the Pog-wes?!"

And that's my story.

redredsteve said...

Wendy - I laughed out loud, heartily, when I read your comment. I can never look at these spring rolls again the same way. We make a lobster version at Plate and I know that I'll be chuckling every time I have to make them now.

Jeri - That is a good story! Anytime there's a story about or reference to the Pogues it's a good thing.

Dion said...

what up steve? the food is looking good. Call me or write. We were thinking that maybe we can come visit you two this winter.